This sweet angel is Eli. As horrific as his attack was we never found out what really happened. We don't know if he was attacked on the streets or if he was attacked in animal control. But nevertheless this poor 10lb shih tzu was almost torn to pieces by another animal. Rescue office reached out for help as his life was in jeopardy. 

He only had a couple of hours to get a rescue commitment. Animal control sometimes tries to help some pets but if the animal is not going to get rescued they will euthanize the pet to avoid further suffering. We were not going to let Eli die there. Honestly we weren't sure if we would be able to save him but we had to take the chance. 

After getting the medical care that he needed, plenty of rest, and getting spoiled rotten. Eli's recovery was nothing short of a miracle. In less than three weeks he was walking and even running around with other pets. As you can imagine how happy we were to see him go home to a wonderful family.