Ginger was thrown out of a truck just blocks from MDAS along with another male shih-tzu. I guess the people that had her didn't even want to bother bring them into the building. They were both in such horrible condition that they had to be sedated to clean and shave them. They were flea and tick infested and just neglected to the fullest. 

The other pup had a micro-chip and was able to be reunited with his family. It turned out he was stolen months ago and the real owner was not the one driving the truck. We can only assume that Ginger was stolen too but she had not micro-chip and could not be reunited with her family so we rescued her. 

Authorizes believe  a backyard breeder maybe behind this incident and when he wanted out, or the pups were useless to him, he thrww them out like garbage. We welcomed Ginger and this frighten little girl in just 3 days was cheerful and playful.

 Ginger is now living in Central Florida with a great family that spoils her rotten. 
A big change from where she came from.
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