This delicious senior is Harold. Another victim of being dumped when they get older and the family turns him in to get a newer model like if he was a car. In addition to dumping him, he was not taken care of properly. Because of the fact he was never neutered at a younger age Harold developed an enormous tumor by his anal area. Causing much discomfort and even interfering with his bowel movements. At that point veterinarians at animal control labeled him as not adoptable. 

His fate was not good but again they reached out for a rescue to help and hopefully get him the proper medical care. Leaving Harold to die in a cold stainless steel cage was not an option for us. We picked up Harold and took him to a specialist at Hollywood animal hospital. Where Dr. Herrington did his magic as always. 

Harold surgery was a complete success and he will live a happy normal life. We are so grateful for so many compassionate people that donated to his medical expenses. We couldn't have done the surgery without those extra donations. Harold is still at P2CC waiting for his forever home.