This is our amazing Larry. This handsome boy was rescued from a local high kill shelter after he was hit by a car. Larry received facial injuries that cause massive trauma to his eye. 

When I saw Larry with his eye 80% popped out in the stainless steel cage STILL wagging his tail my heart broke into 1000 pieces. It was 4PM that day and I called Dr. Borrero at Aycock Veterinary Clinic and explained Larry's injures. He is such an amazing person he told me to bring him to the clinic that he will wait for me to perform an emergency surgery on this poor angel. 

Larry's eye could not be saved but his life was. Injured pups at local shelters rarely make it out alive without a rescue organization stepping up. Larry still gets scared when he hears cars driving by or loud noises, but we hope he will get better as each day passes and that traumatic event in his life will slowly diminish. 

Larry has been adopted by an amazing family in Pembroke Pines and he has a big K9 brother. This family has been so touched with Larry and witnessing first hand what happens to our unwanted pets in our community they have become actively involved with P2CC. 

Not only Larry's parents did save a life by adopting but they are helping other pets find their way home too!  
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