Panchito, another amazing soul that we had the honor to care for. On a rainy day he was hit by a car in Miami. Panchito managed to dragged himself under an old awning in an abandoned building. Local animal control picked him up and took him to the shelter. The sad part is when injured pets arrive at most shelter they are set aside for a rescue or a miracle. They are not placed on the adoption floor. 

I was there that day he arrived picking up another fur baby. When I saw his face and his wagging tail I began to talk to him. It was then that I found out by an employee about his injuries and mostly likely a candidate for euthanize  because of the injuries. I couldn't leave that building without him. 

Panchito went to Knowles Animal Hospital to see our friend Dr. Wise. Panchito had to have surgery to repair his hip and leg. In a matter of weeks Panchito was on his feet ready to play and run. Panchito bravery and will to survive reminded me the value of second chances. Thanks to our wonderful supporters that donated and helped for his surgery. 

This angel was adopted by a wonderful family in Boca Raton and living the life that all our pets deserve. 
To be loved and care for like a family member. 
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