Tito's story is like no other from start to finish. One day I was at Miami Dade Animals Services (MDAS) picking up another fortunate pup spared from death. When a wonderful volunteer pulled me aside and ask " who are you picking up? " After chatting for five minutes she asked me if I would consider rescuing poor Tito. She told me he had been there for 9 days and his time was up. She also said he was such a good dog, he wouldn't even bark, but she was concerned that he would hardly eat. 

When a volunteer asks me to personally assist a pet, I do it,  it's that simple. This volunteer particularly sees hundreds of dogs everyday and if she is taken by this one well he just has to be pretty darn special. The very next day Tito was rescued  and joined the P2CC family. 

We did notice immediately that he was not eating and was in pain. To make this as brief as possible, Tito was taken to Hollywood Animal Hospital to see our good friend Dr. Herrington for an examination. I almost feel to the floor when I saw Tito x-rays and learned both his lower and upper jaw were completely shattered. Dr. Herrington explained that his jawbone was too shattered to repair so he performed an amazing surgery on Tito replacing most of his jaw bone with acrylic. The piece had to be held together with screws ( fasteners) for over 3 months. The pain this poor angel had to endure while he was at the local shelter for 9 days is just unbearable to think about it much less experience it. 

Now we know why Tito did not bark or eat because HE COULDN'T. Tito had to eat soft food for many months, and after every meal we had to clean with a brush the metal and fasteners that held his jaw together. His lengthy recover and our dedication to him was well worth it. We witnessed with our owns eyes how this fragile, scared, and skittish pup turned into a loving and very grateful pet. As for how Tito got this horrendous injury, the Doctor believes he much have been hit on the side of the face with an object. 

After 6 months of being rescued Tito was adopted by a loving family in Weston.
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