Tom was rescued from a high kill shelter in February 2012. He came to us not only Heartworm Positive, but also with the worst case of mange that we have encountered at our rescue. His entire body was covered with open sores, and he was missing large patches of hair. His neck was so badly affected by the mange, that in the beginning of treatment we could not even put a collar on him.


Tom endured being crated for five weeks during his Heartworm treatment, and he tolerated daily medication and twice a week medicated baths for his mange. His heartworm treatment was successful, but the mange proved to be very stubborn. It took over one year for Tom to win his war on mange. Through it all, Tom remained undaunted. His gentle nature, and welcoming demeanor to everyone he met, earned him the nickname of “the gentleman of Paws 2 Care.”


Many people said that Tom was lucky to be rescued by us. We, however, believe  that  we were blessed to have him in our lives.  He not only put a smile on our faces every day, but he taught us  that  it is not only possible to overcome obstacles with patience and perseverance, but that the journey can be taken with a positive attitude and a wonderful disposition. 

Tom was finally completely free of mange in April 2013, and was adopted by a wonderful  

couple  that adore him!. Tom is forever in our hearts.

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